IASIC Speaker Series Presents Marijuana Biology: Does Potency Matter?

The International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC) is excited to present the IASIC Speaker Series. Presented free of charge, this ongoing educational seminar series will focus on the science, data and peer-reviewed research surrounding marijuana and will be led by international medical experts. This non-partisan and non-political series is continually developed, organized, and guided by doctors.

Presented By: Bertha Madras, PhD
Date:Thursday, January 6, 2022
Time: 4:00PM Eastern/1:00PM Pacific
Price: FREE

The endocannabinoid system in the body is a primary target of THC, the key cannabinoid in marijuana. What is the endocannabinoid signaling system? Where is it localized? What are its functions? How do THC and endocannabinoids act? What are phytocannabinoids (compounds made by plants)? What are THC actions in the body? (receptor targets in the brain, peripheral tissues) Do THC and opioid signaling systems crosstalk? Do actions by THC (plant-derived) or endocannabinoids (made by the brain) differ? Does THC affect neurodevelopment? Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana; do they differ? What are the consequences of THC actions? Does THC engender neuroadaptive changes? Are the effects of THC related to dose and frequency of use? What are the short- and long-term implications of marijuana?

Weekly sessions in the IASIC Speaker Series are free to join and the schedule is constantly expanding! For more information visit 

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For more information on the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis, and to join, please visit www.IASIC1.org.

Visit the IASIC Library here. The IASIC Library is intended as a user-friendly reference of the published medical literature.

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