Is There Enough Marijuana Research?

Listen to High Truths on Drugs and Addiction, Episode #3 with Dr. Ken Finn

Dr. Ken Finn, editor of the first medical textbook on Cannabis in Medicine and Vice President of the International Academy on Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC) joined Dr. Roneet Lev of the High Truths on Drugs and Addiction Episode #3 podcast for a discussion of marijuana research.

Is there enough marijuana research? We always hear the famous words “more research is needed.” While it is true that more research is always needed, always, until the end of time. Today, not tomorrow, we have enough research to disclose the serious health consequences of cannabis use.

Dr. Finn’s textbook includes 20 chapters, 554 pages, 72 authors and 2339 citations. Dr. Bertha Madras, diversion of neurochemistry at Harvard Medical School notes that there are over 15,000 manuscripts on marijuana topics.

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About Dr. Ken Finn
Dr. Finn graduated medical school from the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston (’90). He completed residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from the University of Utah (’94), and is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (’95) as well as Pain Medicine (’98), and Pain Management (’00). Practicing medicine in Colorado Springs since 1994, Finn serves on the American Board of Pain Medicine Exam Council (’01), Appeals Committee (’14), and Executive Board (’14). He is the President-Elect of the American Board of Pain Medicine (’20). Finn served on the Colorado Governors Task Force on Amendment 64, Consumer Safety and Social Issues Work Group (’12) and served 4 years on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council (’14-’18). He was an Executive Board member of El Paso County Medical Society (’14-’18) and helped Colorado Medical Society and Colorado Pain Society develop their position statement on cannabis (’18) as well as the El Paso County Board of Health (’14) and Medical Society (’14) on their statements. Finn is a voluntary clinical instructor for the University of Colorado Medical School-Colorado Springs Branch (‘17-’20) and sees pain patients at the Colorado Springs Rehabilitation in Colorado.

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